Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Santa Barbara


March 2017 - My entry into the 2017 UCSB Art Of Science competition is selected as an honourable mention. Find out more on the Chemical Engineering website here.

July 2016 - Publication of Anirudha Banerjee's research into exploiting soluto-inertial phenomena to drive long range and long lasting diffusiophoretic migration of colloids is published in PNAS Early Edition.

​January 2016 - A graphic from our paper "Tranmission of Torque at the Nanoscale" is featured on the cover of January's Nature Physics. Many thanks to Erdal Oguz for performing the simulations and providing the data from which this image was derived.​

​October 2015 - Publication of article "Transmission of Torque at the Nanoscale" in Nature Physics. This work was performed in collaboration with colleagues from Germany: Erdal C. Oguz, Thomas Speck and Hartmut Löwen.

Ian Williams



I am a postdoctoral researcher, currently working in Todd Squires' lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Originally from England, I obtained my undergraduate degree (physics) from the University of Edinburgh and my PhD (Chemistry) at the University Of Bristol under the supervision of Dr. Paddy Royall and Professor Paul Bartlett. Subsequently I performed postdoctoral research in Paddy Royall's group in the H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory at the University of Bristol.

My research focuses on the interplay between structure, dynamics and rheology in various soft matter systems, primarily through experimental studies of two-dimensional or quasi-two-dimensional materials. To this end I employ various microscopy and micromanipulation techniques. Further details can be found on the Research page and in my Publications.