Postdoctoral Researcher, University College London

Ian Williams

News Archive

October 2018 - I have moved! At the beginning of October 2018 I started working at University College London in Giuseppe Battaglia's group. My purpose here is to develop new tools to characterise the chemotactic motion of polymersomes.

April 2018 - My research exploring the mechanical properties of mixed monolayers of lung surfactant phospholipids and the blood protein fibrinogen is now published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

November 2017 - I am safely back in Santa Barbara having completed my World Tour of Colorado, Minnesota & Switzerland. Three excellent conferences in five weeks, plus a couple of weeks working in Joe Zasadzinski's lab, learning more about the interaction between phospholipids and serum proteins.

March 2017 - My entry into the 2017 UCSB Art Of Science competition is selected as an honourable mention. Find out more on the Chemical Engineering website here.

July 2016 - Publication of Anirudha Banerjee's research into exploiting soluto-inertial phenomena to drive long range and long lasting diffusiophoretic migration of colloids is published in PNAS Early Edition.

​January 2016 - A graphic from our paper "Tranmission of Torque at the Nanoscale" is featured on the cover of January's Nature Physics. Many thanks to Erdal Oguz for performing the simulations and providing the data from which this image was derived.​

​October 2015 - Publication of article "Transmission of Torque at the Nanoscale" in Nature Physics. This work was performed in collaboration with colleagues from Germany: Erdal C. Oguz, Thomas Speck and Hartmut Löwen.

June 2015 - I will be presenting some of my recent research into the response of interfacial colloidal polycrystals and gels to oscillatory shear at the 89th ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.